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I created a boot info summary using the «boot repair tool» if this can help , it’s in this URL. I guess this is where you learn what not to do in the future. I double checked the RAID controller and it is set up for performance RAID 0 not Mirror RAID 1 as I first believed. I still have not found any boot CD that can let me do an image of the drive to USB so I can get the data off this computer. Search and find the option to reset the BIOS to settings default. The hard drive was tested on another computer and had problems, so you inevitably have to buy and use a new hard drive.

There was no way MS was ever going to update WLM to overcome this issue. MS wants everyone to be using its new Mail app which, in my opinion, is a rubbish alternative. Sure, lots of users have been using Outlook Express and WLM for many years and are reluctant to change. Given my hobby , and my extensive Email archive and world-wide contacts-list , I was really shocked to see this WLM problem after I did the 2004 update yesterday. Ignore the note on that page that says Windows Live Mail no longer works. It does, but you have to install it while disconnected from the internet.

#3 – Svchost.exe Malware Hogs Your Processor’s Performance

Are you bumping into a problem with your Windows PC but not sure what’s causing it? This tool records all events that occur on your PC, whether they’re benign or nasty. The only problem with FRT is it is incredibly detailed. Consider it the stenographer of your application.

  • System events relate to incidents on Windows-specific systems, such as the status of device drivers.
  • Should there be anything else you think we can help you with, search it up on our website to find the right article for other problems you are interested in.
  • I’m now able to run windows repair but that didn’t seem to work.
  • There will be no loss of files but any program you installed recently would be deleted and any changes in settings would be undone.

The first wave hits devices that are considered to be least likely affected by updating issues. Microsoft uses Machine Learning to pick these devices. We all know that Windows Updates may lead to issues on target devices during installation or afterwards. Updates in the past have caused all kinds of issues, from boot issues over lost data to broken functionality.

Fix 2. Check Hard Disk SATA Cables to Fix a Disk Read Error

Go to the command prompt window, then right click in the middle of the window and select Paste from the dialogue menu. Press Enter on the keyboard to execute the command. The SoftwareDistribution folder is used to store temporary files that are usually from Windows Updates. If the Windows Update Service isn’t working correctly and throws errors, it’s a good idea to delete the contents of the SoftwareDistribution folder.

A common error encountered when using Live Mail has to do with authenticating a server for outgoing mail. Learn how to fix Windows Live Mail Error 0x800CCC0B. Another common error faced by Windows Live Mail users is the Windows Live Mail not working after Windows 10 update error.

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